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Valkyria Chronicles : Sisters by Fredyochu Valkyria Chronicles : Sisters by Fredyochu
        The Machine Gun Sisters.

From Valkyria Chronicles, a squadron of shocktroopers.

In game :
I had actually so much fun with them.
Shocktroopers combine both armor and attack power. They might lack mobility, but being in a squadron allow them not to be surrounded.
I always sent them in one side of the battlefield with one scout, the other side having the rest of the troops (scouts, sniper, tanks, anti-tank).
The squadron was able to defeat everything, from individuals to whole squads, and even tanks.
How exhilarating was the scene... One go first, and open fire. The second come and open fire, but with the help of the first. and the same with the rest.
Indeed, in one action, you are able to release the full squad unloading their machine gun... *ratatatatatatata....*
Yes, this is how I saved the Princess, at less than 5m from the armored car escape point :D .
Also how I hunted down some bosses...

Every single Character has got its own story, its own preferences and feelings.
( Feel free to go see them individually [ -> links] )
From left to right,
    Rosy, because she is one of the 7th squad leaders.
->        Rosy
    Lynn, because I always had her husband as an engineer, so I thought It would be better to have them both.
->        Lynn
    Jane, because she is sadist and unload a full magazine on the enemy fits her very well. Do not even mention flamethrowers...
->        Jane
    Nina, because she trains a lot and has definitely a strong will, with an interesting opinion on armored stuff.
->        Nina

The game itself is just wonderful.
Played and finished it with VO, The graphics are just so unique, watercolors make a conflict appear really differentfrom what it is in most case.
The storyline is really good (from a novel), and the system of combat is also so unique.
If you have the opportunity to get yourself into the story, just run !

Drawing :
Just getting the different girls all bunched together.
And setting the same shadows and lights.
Here is a "raw" version of the fan art ->     raw
Motivated by the thoughts I had from the game, and by the lack of fan art on the web.
Though this lack could be understood, because the game itself is already a masterpiece.

Done with FireAlpaca (free software).

From Valkyria Chronicles.
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rondrigo-alex Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
very familiar way to me, pro and badass work
Fredyochu Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Hey, thank you so much !
Really appreciate it :meow:
tovarishcomrade Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2015
Good sisters!
Fredyochu Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Indeed they are ! :D
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